Covered Activities

The accident and liability policies provide coverage to insured persons (as defined above) while participating in the following Covered Activities:

1) Scheduled games, team practice sessions, camps, clinics, tournaments or sponsored activities, provided they are under the direct supervision of a team official.

2) Group Travel as a Team directly to or from such scheduled practices, games or sponsored activities is covered under the accident policy. The liability policy provides non-ownership liability only while an automobile is being used in the official business of the US Lacrosse National Office.

Note: No liability coverage is provided to parents, coaches or volunteers while using any automobile to transport team members or volunteers to any practice, game or activity. Therefore, Bollinger and US Lacrosse Strongly advise you to verify that anyone who is designated to drive players or other members to lacrosse activities is properly licensed and insured.

3) Other sponsored and supervised activities, such as team or league meetings, banquets and usual, non-hazardous fundraisers are also covered by both the accident and liability policies. Examples of non-hazardous fundraisers are bake sales, car washes and other similar events. No coverage is provided for any event that includes fireworks.